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guinness beer and st patricks day

Guinness Beer and St. Patricks Day

Guinness Beer and St. Patricks Day. Each year, this mid-Lenten holiday honors the patron saint of Ireland through drinking and feasting. St. Patrick’s Day, initially a day to celebrate the …

history of gumbo

The History of Gumbo

In Louisiana, Gumbo is King. Although the history of gumbo and its ingredients varies, for the faithful, a steaming bowl of aromatic gumbo is one of life’s true pleasures.  Gumbo is an …

sinking cities

10 Sinking Cities

Coastal Confessions’ writers travel the globe for unique images and stories highlighting the beauty and vulnerabilities of the world’s coastal communities. Rising Sea Levels Glacier melt across the world has …

garlic soup

Česnečka garlic soup

Courtesy of Viking River Cruises, Recipes. Almost every culture has a miraculous soup. The Czech Česnečka garlic soup is one such miracle claimed to cure everything including the common cold. …

Top Coastal Travel Writers

The top coastal travel writers focus not only on beach blankets and crab cakes but on sustainable travel and marine preservation. Coastal Confessions

crab cake

Crab Cake Basics

A well-made crab cake is pure heaven. But to the uninitiated, it seems like much ado about nothing. What are Crab? Crabs are decapod crustaceans They typically have a very …

smokey whiskey cocktail

Smoked Whiskey Cocktail

A Smoked Whiskey Cocktail is a must for any recipe book. We highly recommend this cocktail for a cold Winter night or just relaxing with friends. This unique recipe is …